Anno 2205

The Anno series holds a special place among my favorite game franchises. Having the opportunity to begin my journey as a game dev/concept artist within the esteemed halls of BlueByte in Mainz was truly an incredible and surreal experience.

Anno 2205 - Announcement CGI trailer - E3 2015 [Europe]


All four concept artists joined forces in creating the designs for the residential buildings. We meticulously crafted hundreds of concepts, as it was essential for the five tiers to remain distinguishable and countable even from a distance. Nonetheless, a seamless progression between each tier was also a key consideration, ensuring a cohesive transition throughout.

Moon Residence

While we have only 2 tiers on the Moon, the element of distinctiveness and countability should also be preserved here.

Arctic Cantina

In addition to residential and production buildings, Anno always features an array of public buildings, each serving diverse purposes. This Arctic Cantina provides food for the Arctic residents. Above, you can observe the strong emphasis on handpainted 2D concept art. These initial drafts were crafted without the aid of 3D, using tools like a Wacom and Photoshop.

Trader Earth

The Trader Earth building holds a special place in my heart, as I had the privilege of overseeing it entirely: from the initial sketches (above), to the final concept (left, overpainting on a low-poly model), and ultimately its placement within the level design, decoration, lighting arrangement, and feedback (moving units and vehicles) incorporation.

Ingame screenshots

Arctic residents

Further Concepts

Displayed here is merely a minuscule glimpse into the multitude of concepts that came to life during the production phase.