Urban planning and video games

I have always been deeply fascinated by urban history, city planning, and currently, the transformation of urban mobility. After nearly a decade in the video game industry, I have a strong desire to showcase my skills in the real world, introducing fresh ideas and innovative approaches that go beyond the familiar. With this in mind, I have gathered a selection of architectural and urban planning works.

The above photobashes were created for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. My task was to use a contemporary architectural style while also developing a distinct visual architectural language for the in-game city of Liberty.

I always work from the macro to the micro level. The task was to plan a contemporary city in the desert. I thoroughly enjoyed this mission. As seen in the screenshot from the trailer, my designs served as inspiration. Absolutely fantastic!

Some prop designs and building concepts

They asked me to come up with a solution for a whole district. Today I’d start completely different, but back in the days I photobashed a lot, and came up with some building ideas for the “leisure district”. Below: several proposals to define the look and feel.

Skell HQ

Another remarkable challenge was to discover architectural solutions for the in-game Skell headquarters. Taking into account Skell’s essence, I conceived this concept, and I found my affection for copper elements, haha. Reflecting on it today, I didnt think a lot about level design and gameplay back in the days. Nevertheless, on the whole, I genuinely loved this task too.