Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

I only discovered my involvement in this project much later. Through the outsourcing company Gameco Studios, I contributed to a classified project and received individual assignments. Nevertheless, I was able to integrate my knowledge of architecture and urban planning. My (mostly useless) knowledge of military equipment proved beneficial as well.

People have taken over an old Cold War bunker facility in a swamp and heavily fortified it.

Final concept

Before I incorporated man-made fortress structures, I utilized both the natural surroundings and the predetermined blockout, to ensure that the structure made sense within the environment.

↓ Research sheet. How does an old (concrete) bunker sunken in a swamp would look today?


The concept revolved around having a smooth concrete shell that contains numerous small, modular, and mobile prison cells. As needed, these cells can “move” towards the cafeteria, workplace, or be transferred to another rehab facility (by drone).

Seed Vault

Checkpoint | My first task for Ghost Recon Breakpoint