Digital Exhibitions

In times of Corona, many traditional trade fairs were canceled. This led to a lot of experimentation with digital counterparts. I was fortunate to contribute with concept art to two projects. One advantage of this type of trade fair is that it is not bound by physical laws and static constraints.

LG (Demodern)

The final concept on the left represents the approximately one week of iterative work. While I am quite pleased with the design overall, I must admit that the technical limitations within a browser turned out to be bigger than I had expected.

↑ Very early proposals

First iteration of propoals

PLC Winter 2000 (Demodern)

I was enlisted to contribute concept art for an ongoing production (featuring CE+CO) to provide support. Interestingly, I collaborated with actual architects who typically handle the design of the exhibition booths. Working alongside them proved to be a captivating experience, and I am genuinely pleased with the outcome. In my opinion, It has a quite unique aesthetic to it.

The designs had to work on different devices.