Stylized and painterly

One of my first digital artworks at all, from 2012. I love castles.

Marketing Artworks

I had the chance to create several marketing artworks for Innogames, both for Forge of Empires, and for Elvenar.

Innogames asked me to create some illustrations in certain art styles for visual development and for a survey for their players.


Matthias Teut was my first client. He gave me the chance to become an illustrator at all. I look back with nostalgia at these artworks.

I have had numerous opportunities to craft visuals for various projects for the GIZ – what a honor!

Over the years, numerous smaller illustration commissions have accumulated. Regrettably, I cannot list them all. This illustration symbolically represents that collection.

As so many others, I started with traditional art.

The most inspiring aspect is history. I have an insatiable curiosity for history.